By the Tallinn City Council Decision No. 69 of 3 September 2020, it was decided to terminate the work of the foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre and start its liquidation proceedings. Former member of the board Kalle Sepp was appointed as liquidator of the foundation. Contacts: e-mail:; phone: +372 5072505.

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Since the modern times terms like evolution, progress, modernization and innovation have belonged to the everyday vocabulary in western civilization. Cities themselves have been the key development amplifiers. The rising of Tallinn onto the economical and political map of Europe has been related to the former Hanseatic network.

Tallinn has still remained as an important gateway but Tallinn itself has to evolve and adjust with the challenges of the 21st century.

How to position Tallinn with other centers of the Baltic Sea, Tallinn’s role and importance in regions near by and in Estonia. Which aspects of our past and present could be of use to other cities and could Tallinn have a special mission or initiative? These are the main questions and topics why Tallinn Development and Training Centre was created.

It is a think tanktype foundation, which aims to support the governing of Tallinn with using the ideas, concepts and different solutions offered by the citizens of Tallinn, also including experts of various areas, conducting relevant training, conferences and round tables, and promoting the international image of Tallinn.

Tallinn is worthy of being a capital city and is a city that thinks- that is the guiding slogan of our actions.

Join us! Good advice, as well as critical mind is always valued.

Development and Training Centre