6-member Azerbaijan women’s delegation visits Estonia

The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized from 13.-19.10.2019 a training visit for a 6-member Azerbaijan women’s delegation to Estonia. The purpose of the training visit was to give an overview and share experiences of use of modern information technology opportunities in Estonian public sector, local governments and businesses as well as about developments in those fields. The goal was also to give an overview of the involvement of Estonian women and various opportunities for them to participate in the development of democracy, the role and training opportunities of women in participating in modern business and developments in starting women’s representation organizations. The training visit was organized in cooperation with representatives of Counterpart International (Azerbaijan) and funded by USAID. During the program of the training visit, the guests met with representatives of the Estonian Parliament, the Ministry of Finance of Estonia and Tallinn City Government. They also met with the leaders of Federation of Business and Professional Women Estonia, StartUp Estonia, Tallinn Creative Incubator, International House of Estonia and Estonian Business School’s student body. Especially inspiring and interesting for members of the Azerbaijan women’s delegation was the opportunity to meet and listen to the experiences of starting a business during meetings with members of Business and Professional Women Estonia and Kristel Kruustük, the founder and leader of Testlio. The guests also visited Tallinn Old Town, Tallinn Town Hall and other beautiful sights of Tallinn.