e-Governance conference “Same Goals, Different Roadmaps”

The fifth international e-Governance conference “Same Goals, Different Roadmaps” took place between  21-22 May 2019. For the second year in a row, Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organised an e-conference Tallinn infobox and also co-ordinated presentations by representatives of the city. In 2019 there were more than 450 participants from over 90 countries (including Armenia, Aruba, Bangladesh, Canada, Faroe Islands. Finland, France, Georgia, Japan, Mauritius, Ukraine, Rwanda and others).

The conference covered a range of topics from national, regional and institutional collaboration, to e-governance action plans and co-operation. Representatives from Africa, Estonia’s Eastern neighbouring countries, Canada, Japan, France and other countries shared their experiences about lessons learnt whilst Estonian representatives shared experiences about new launches in e-national development. Head of Tallinn City Office, Toomas Sepp, and Tallinn CIO of IT  Tallinn City, Martin Männil, represented the city and give presentations.

The following shared information about e-service and introduced participants to Tallinn city’s e-solutions whilst offering visitors verbal and written information about the services the city offered: Ivari Rannamaa, Toomas Türk, Elle Veltmann, Liina Kurvits, Tiit Laiksoo, Martin Männil, Toomas Sepp, Kai Kotka and Kalle Sepp.  The vast majority of participants visited the Tallinn infobox during the course of the conference taking more than 600 pieces of information material away with them.