Open Day 2019

For the fifth time, Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) promoted Tallinn and Estonia in Brussels at the EU Region’s Committee at the international event, Open Day 2019.

Information about Tallinn; included free public transport in Tallinn, tourism and tourism development, cultural and other events in town, was available to the citizens of Brussels, other visitors of the event, members and officials of the EU parliament, and to the other 20 or more participating regions.

The 150 jubilee of the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration taking place in July this year was one of the key events being promoted.  As well as sharing information materials about Tallinn and Estonia, TDTC promoted the products of local well-known small-producers, which included cheeses from dairy producers Arkna Karjatalu Ltd and Härma wines from with Veinimõisnik Ltd and Musimäe Veinikelder, chocolates and boiled sweets from Kalev chocolate factories. Tallinn’s and Estonia’s information stand and the goods it offered turned out to be popular in Brussels this year. According to the organisers over 1500 people visited it.