XV Cities and Municipalities Days

On February 12 and 13 2019, the XV Cities and Municipalities Days took place.
Participants and local government representatives from all over Estonia once again had the opportunity to learn the latest information about services provided by Tallinn’s eight districts, and city departments including: Enterprise, Environmental, Tallinn Energy Agency, Communal office, City Property, Culture, Municipal Police and Social Welfare and Health care, in their respective fields.
The moto for Tallinn’s information stand in 2019 was “Tallinn 800+“ This was to “kick off” celebrations of the first mention of Tallinn in historical records, of which an overview was given to interested parties by the head of Tallinn City Archives Küllo Arjakas.
By tradition, representatives of Tallinn’s disabled support centre, Juks and Mental Health Centre formed an important part of the Tallinn info stand’s presentations. They introduced people to their activities and sold handmade souvenirs made by disabled people which this time proved to be quite popular.
The organisers of the XV Cities and Municipalities Days said during the two days of events and discussions over 1,700 people participated, the greater part of which visited the Tallinn information stand, heard specialist representatives and carried to their home cities and regions information and souvenirs reflecting activities in Tallinn. Tallinn Development and Training Centre have organised the nationwide Cities and Municipalities Days Tallinn info stand for eight years in a row.