Forum “Five months of rural free public transport”

On the 17 December 2018, Tallinn Development and Training Centre, in co-operation with Tallinn City Government Office, organised a free public transport forum in the Kiek in the Kök museum: “Five months of rural free public transport.” There was a large body of interested parties participating in the forum including representatives of institutions operating in public transport and other transport specialists. There were over 70 public transport specialist and local government leaders from all over Estonia. The results of five months experience with free countryside public transport were addressed in presentations by Kadri Simson Minister of Economics Affairs and Infrastructure, Taavi Aas, Tallinn’s Mayor, Kirke Williamson from Road Administration, Ronnie Kongo from Elron and Hugo Osula, the driving force behind and representative of Lux Express and Sebe. Municipal and urban leaders and rural transport centre leaders also shared their experiences including Romek Kosenkranius, Einar Vallbaum, Veiko Luhalaid and Peeter Rahnel. Representatives answered questions from the floor and discussed the theme of free public transport as a solution to future problems. All participants in the forum had the opportunity to take a look at the items on display at the Kiek in the Kök museum.