Tallinn discusses tax reform

Tallinn Development and Training Centre organised the local government conference “Tax Policy a motor for regional development“on the 13th November 2018.

The conference’s keynote speaker was Taavi Aas who spoke about how Tax reform how tax reforms might should be used to improve infrastructure or services affected by the taxes rather than simply as an additional source of revenue for the local government.

The proposed city tax of hotels bed nights could improve sightseeing spots and the environment attracting more visitors to the city thereby creating a virtuous circle.

The other keynote speaker at the conference was minister of public administration Janek Mäggi who concentrated on sustainable tax policies as one of the keystones of regional development.

Tartu University economist, Viktor Trasberg, assessed the current state of Estonian tax policy.

Henrik Rainio, Financial Director of Finland’s Local and Regional Authorities, shared his experiences of Finnish tax policy and its implementation at a regional level.

The EU member of the Committee of the Regions, Uno Silberg, talked about the development of the EU budget.

The conference brought together 205 local government leaders from Estonia’s Municipalities.

Since 2009, the local government conference has brought together municipality figures, experts and other people who are interested in the interest of the towns and municipalities of Estonia, in order to discuss issues of local life.