A visit to Uganda for three project experts from Tallinn – 16.07.-25.07.2018

Foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized a visit to Uganda from 16.07.-25.07.2018 during the course of the developmental co-operation project “The founding of Uganda’s one-stop-shop public service delivery centres and building their capacities on the example of Tallinn” for three project experts from Tallinn. The study visit was in accordance with the approved action plan of the developmental co-operation project. As experts from Tallinn Elle Veltmann, Jana Viital and Member of the Board of TDTC and project manager for the Ugandan developmental co-operation Kalle Sepp attended the study visit.

During the developmental co-operation project’s study visit, experts from Tallinn met first with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Services (MoPS) of Uganda Mrs. Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire, with whom they discussed questions concerning the objectives and activities related to the implementation of the project. The leader of the Estonian delegation informed the Ugandan partners about the decision of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to extend the development co-operation project by one year. The Permanent Secretary of the MoPS expressed her satisfaction with the progress and development of the project so far, as the MoPS is leading the establishment and putting into operation of service centres in Uganda as well as sharing experiences gained. The Permanent Secretary informed Estonian experts that the MoPS had allocated funds for the complete renewal of the MoPS “mini-service centre”, a project that was started during the co-operation project. The construction project of the renewal of the MoPS “mini-service centre” has already been coordinated with the Ministry of Works and Transportation. Construction work should be completed by the end of September 2018. In the fiscal year of 2018/2019, the MoPS will mainly focus on opening two new regional service centres – one in Kasese and one in Mbale. For this MoPS has confirmed an investments of 1 000 000 UGX (Ugandan shilling) from its budget. The potential locations for new centres in North Uganda are Arua, Gulu or Lira. In addition, during this training visit, the MoPS representative will provide more than five desktop computers to the Ugandan authorities participating in the pilot project and will send out a uniform agreed instructions „Service Uganda“to all service centres for implementation.

Estonian representatives, on behalf of the City of Tallinn as additional recognition for good co-operation gave the Permanent Secretary of the MoPS Mrs. Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire 2 Lenovo tablets.

Estonian experts organized two customer services and document management trainings for the senior specialists (30 participants) of the Ministry’s service centre and departments. On the proposal of the MoPS executives, it was agreed that during the next visit a training for both the service centre and the ministry officials would include topics on customer services and document management standardization. A larger, two or three day training on service centres is scheduled for the next visit of the Estonian experts to Uganda and will take place in Uganda Civil Service College (CSCU) in December 2018.

During a meeting at the MoPS preliminary dates for the next visits of the Ugandan and Estonian project partners were agreed on for 22.-30.09.2018 and 09.-18.12.2018. Also training topics for visit of the expert of Tallinn were agreed on. In the MoPS a training on customer services and document management will be carried out. In addition, further training and advice will be given to specialist of the service centres of Jinja, Kasese, Entebbe and Mbale. It was agreed that one larger, 2 or 3 day training on service centres will be held at CSCU in Jinja.

During the visit, Tallinn project experts met once again with Mayors, Town Clerks, City Council members and city government executives of the cities of Jinja, Kasese, Entebbe and Mbale. Meetings, trainings and presentations on the development of public services, establishment and organizing of work of service centres were organized in all four municipalities. The MoPS also provided more than five (5) desktop computers to all Ugandan municipalities involved in the pilot project.

At a meeting with more than 20 participants, it was recognized that more efficient co-operation and guidance is needed between the MoPS and the municipality of Jinja. Head of Jinja Service Centre, Brenda Kadhaya, introduced at the service centre located in the City Hall of Jinja (next to the Tourism Information Centre) their preliminary results, problems which have arose and future training needs. The service centre has installed and manages desks with five different services, an intercom system operates and an active reception of applications takes place (they also have a separate service desk for applications „Registration for the reception of the Mayor“). The employees of Jinja service centre noted the importance and necessity of continuing joint meetings and discussions with the staff of all the service centres participating in the pilot project and representatives of the MoPS on the example of the meeting that took place in Kasese. The topics of the next visit’s training were also agreed on: customer services and application of the principles of document management.

At a meeting and training for Mbale Heads of City Council and City Government, more than 80 specialists and officials from Mbale participated. Presentations were made by the Mayor of Mbale Mafabi Mutwalibi Zanday, Mbale Town Clerk, members of Mbale City Council, representative of the MoPS   Mrs. Allen Kakama Mpiriirwe and all Estonian project experts. It was agreed that during their next visits to Mbale the experts from Tallinn will deal with topics related to customer services and document management.

More than 15 participants took part at the meeting and training held in the Entebbe, including the Mayor and Town Clerk of Entebbe. Renovation of the Entebbe City Government building is at its final phase. Nevertheless, leaders of the city and service centre coordinator Irene Mpamulungi, launched and opened a service centre on the ground floor of the building. Indicative (leading) bulletin boards have been put in front of the city government building. Respective officials and specialists have been selected, as well as resources allocated for purchase of technical equipment for the work of the service centre. The coordinator of Entebbe service centre introduced development plans and drawings of the new service centre. The first phase of the service centre’s renovation should be completed in September 2018. Staff from Entebbe City Government departments who attended the training by Tallinn experts expressed their wish to attend training sessions taking place during their next visit to Uganda. In the future the participants would like to hear more about topics related to the organization of customer services and document management.

At a training and meetings in Kasese the Estonian project experts first met with 15 employees of the Kasese service centre. The coordinator of the centre, Godfrey Bwambale, introduced their work results of six months. The employees talked about both their positive and problematic work experiences. It is noteworthy, that the employees of the service centre have a weekly presentation of their work in a local radio station. Estonian project experts carried out trainings concerning customer services and document management. The Mayor of Kasese also attended the trainings. More than 35 people, including the Heads of City Council, City Government and its departments, attended a meeting following the trainings. Tallinn project experts made presentations, answered a large number of questions and participated in the discussion. As an outcome of the discussions, it was agreed that every Friday heads of Kasese City Government Departments will meet to discuss issues raised during the week and try to find common solutions to them. It was agreed that document circulation management, principles for creating this system and improvement of customer services would be the topics for the following trainings by the experts of Tallinn.

In a concluding discussion in the MoPS the parties agreed on preliminary dates of the next training visits and topics of the trainings by municipalities participating in the project. The importance of using different media channels for introduction of the principles of „Service Uganda“to the public as well as organizing joint meetings and discussion for participating municipalities was emphasised separately.

Collaborative project funded by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Aid funds.