City officials from Myanmar visited Estonia on a fact-finding visit

City official from Myanmar visited Estonia on a fact-finding visit, from 3-8 June 2018, organised by the Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC)

The delegation was led by the Myanmar Public Service Council Chairman His Excellence Dr Win Thein the chairman of the Union Service Board in Myanmar (UCSB). This is the central state organ which runs Myanmar’s public services and organises civil recruitment and development. The delegation consisted of the highest leadership of the UCSB and leading lecturers and public officials from the subordinate two centres the Central Institute for Civil Service.

The visit was made possible due to funding from the European Union Representative project for Myanmar “Institutional Strengthening and Policy Dialogue Support.”

During the visit, the delegation met with the Minister of Public Administration Janek Mäggi as well as with leading specialists from the Ministry of Finance. The delegates had a lively discussion of matters of public administration.

Eve Limbach-Pirn, Government Office Head of competency centre, gave an overview of the centre’s activities. The delegation also met with Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu, Tallinn City government leading civil servant and Nõmme District Governor Grete Šillis and heard an overview of e-services and IT development in Tallinn. Professor Aive Pevkur gave a lecture on the ethics of public services.

There was a trip around the campuses of Tallinn Technical University, where the delegation met Professor Tiina Randma-Liiv who gave an overview of public sector service reforms in Estonia and Eastern Europe. Thereafter the delegation was familiarised with the e-Estonia showroom with which they showed great interest.

Foreign Ministry political advisor, Ambassador Mart Tarmak also hosted the delegation leader.

The delegation travelled to Pärnu and met Mayor Romek Kosenkraniuse and the city’s leading officials. They visited The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, where the delegation was received by Director Kalvi Almosen together with the colleges leading specialists. In addition to the official fact-finding programme, the delegation did sightseeing in Tallinn and Pärnu.