Europe Union regional festival Open Day 2018

The Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organised on 5 May 2018 in Brussels and Europe Union regional festival Open Day “Proud of my region and its culture“ not only for Tallinn city but for Estonia in general. TDTC representatives presented at Tallinn information stand to Brussel citizens other festival visitors. Development European parliament member and officials and workers and all the more than 30 other representative  participating in this event from different the regions.

Tallinn city best experience which include free public transport, e-services, e-leadership, tourism and tourist development and organised cultural activities and events. Also, in the context of Estonia 100, the team introduced happening events, edited film clips about Estonia 100 and shared Estonian 100 souvenirs. Additional into sharing information from the info stand and sharing info and souvenirs, the TDTC team presented visitors to the stand with the products of Estonia’s best known small producers. These included dairy products from Arkna Karjatalu PLC cheese choice, the wine cellers Veinimõisnik PLC, Murimäe wine cellar, Jaanihanso PLC cider, products from Kalev sweet factory and Tallinna city caramel sweets. All the promotions taking place at this years info stand proved to be very popular, so the events organised informed the team that over 3 500 festival visitors visited the information stand.