The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized a study visit to Uganda from 02.12.-12.12.2017

The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized a study visit to Uganda from 02.12.-12.12.2017 during the course of the developmental co-operation project “The founding of Uganda’s one-stop-shop public service delivery centres on the example of Tallinn” for four project experts from Tallinn. The study visit was in accordance with the approved action plan of the developmental co-operation project. As experts from Tallinn : Elle Veltmann, Ülle Purga, Jana Viital and Member of the Board of TDTC and project manager for the Ugandan developmental co-operation Kalle Sepp attended the study visit.

During the developmental co-operation project’s study visit experts from Tallinn met with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Services (MoPS) of Uganda Mrs. Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire, with whom they discussed issues concerning the objectives and activities related to the implementation of the project. The Permanent Secretary expressed her satisfaction with the progress and development of the project so far, as MoPS is the leader in establishing, putting into operation and developing service centres in Uganda. Therefore, it was decided to establish as one activity of the project the first so-called “mini-service center” to the MoPS building. The Permanent Secretary informed that MoPS’s responsible officials are planning additional visits to the municipalities where the first service centres will be set up. Together an initial list of services provided will be co-ordinated, mediation of information about service centres to both national and local press and wider public, the names of the service centres will be  harmonized, logos standardized, the office designs will be uniformed, as well as the uniforms of officials, etc. For example, MoPS has already approved the nationally introduced logo: “Service Uganda”. The Ugandan government will be presented again by MoPS a „Cabinet Paper” that has been updated and refined in ICT solution. This „Cabinet Paper“, will become the official basis for the formulation of a nationwide policy on the provision of services after its adoption by the Government. The Ugandan Ministry of Education and ICT, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Agriculture and other ministries will be involved in the co-operation. Initially a budget of 7.9 billion UGX (Ugandan shilling) for a 4-year period has been approved for establishing service centres all over Uganda. During the visit to the Ministry, the experts from Tallinn also met with the newly appointed Head of Finance and Administration Department of MoPS, who confirmed that despite of reduction of the Ministry’s 2018 budgetary resources, the building and developing of the “mini-service centre” of MoPS will be finalised by the end of the developmental co-operation project, July 2018.

At the meetings in MoPS the initial dates of the next visits by Tallinn experts were agreed on for 26.03. – 02.04.2018. Also it was agreed on initial topics for trainings for the next visit of experts from Tallinn : trainings on Customer Service and Document Management, as well as further advising and training of specialists at service centres in MoPS, Jinja, Kasese and Entebbe.

The Tallinn project experts organized several training courses about the establishment of service halls and the organization of their work for the Ministry’s officials and specialists (separately for 2 service centres groups and for the officials of the ministry). They also advised Ministry officials on the services provided, service halls rooms, better layout of the rooms, on necessary technical equipment, etc.

The project experts from Tallinn met once again with the municipal heads of Municipalities of Jinja, Kasese and Entebbe during the training visit – mayors, city secretaries, city council members and city government’s executive officials. In these three municipalities a number of meetings, trainings and presentations were held on the development of public services and the establishment and organization of work of service halls.

At a meeting and training of nearly 40 participants in Jinja, the need for more effective co-operation and guidance between MoPS and Jinja was recognized. The achievements, results and problems encountered at the already opened service centre at Jinja City Government Building (next to Tourism Information Centre) were introduced.  Jinja City Secretary informed that after the opening of the service centre, the number of citizens who wished to receive his audience had dropped by almost 20%, indicating that citizens receive answers and solutions to their questions already in the service centre. The Tallinn project experts together with representatives of MoPS visited during their trip to Jinja also the Civil Service College of Uganda. There they met with the College’s management and training specialists, who once again introduced the developmental co-operation program for public services and discussed the role and opportunities of the College to add experiences gained form establishment and development of service halls into the lecture cycles of the training program.

More than 25 participants attended the meeting and training held at Entebbe City Government including the Mayor and City Secretary. Due to the renovation of the Entebbe City Government building, the actual deployment of the service centre has been delayed. Nevertheless rooms for the service centre have been planned/approved by Entebbe City Government on the lower floor of the building. Also respective officials and specialists have been appointed, and funds have been allocated for acquiring technical facilities needed for the service centre. The training provided by the Tallinn experts was attended by the employees of Entebbe City Government’s departments, who also wished to participate in the training session held during the next visit.

At a meeting and training with the heads of Kasese City Council, City Government and senior executives, there were more than 40 participants. The Senior Assistant of Kasese City Secretary, Mr.  Kambasu Zedekiah Kayiri first introduced to Tallinn experts the principles and activities of Kasese City Government service centre. The service centre is open, the location of the service centre is clearly marked, the service centre is technically equipped, the services provided at the centre have been approved, staff for the service centre has been selected and trained. On the main business street of the City of Kasese, a service bulletin board with the corresponding directions has been installed. The development of the service centre will continue, and Tallinn experts are expected to organize training in the areas of customer service and document management at upcoming visits. Tallinn experts conducted trainings for the employees of the service centre as well as for other specialists from different departments of the City Government of Kasese. It was also agreed that a delegation from MoPS lead by Permanent Secretary Mrs.  Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiir, will visit Kasese service centre in January 2018.

Heads of Kasese City Council and City Government wanted further training from Tallinn experts on the development of Tourism Information Centre in Kasese. It was agreed that the project manager will send the materials of the last developmental co-operation project (the development of tourism information centres in Uganda, on the example of Tallinn) to the Senior Assistant of Kasese City Secretary Mr. Kambasu Zedekiah Kayiri and the topic will be discussed if possible during the next training visit in March 2018.

During the final discussions and consultations, the parties agreed that leading experts from MoPS as well as from the municipalities involved in the developmental co-operation project will specify, map and prepare for the next visit an analysis of public services most widely offered to the residents by the Ministry and Municipalities. They will also provide information to the Estonian project leader about the Document Management system used in Uganda. Specific project activities of the developmental co-operation project were again coordinated and specified by the Ministry and local government executive officials on the timing of the next visit and content of project activities.

The project partners agreed that the next visit to Uganda by the experts of Tallinn will be planned according to the co-operation project action plan from 26.03.-02.04.2018.

A nice part of this training visit was the involvement of the project’s Tallinn experts in a project by the children of the City of Pärnu and NGO Arenduskeskus PRO MAGISTER / Pärnu Fringe Festival, devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, called “Sipsik’s trip around the world”. The idea is that people who were on work trips to foreign countries in 2017 would make photographs of themselves with a self-made Sipsik. These photos will be uploaded to the corresponding “Republic of Estonia 100” website. Photographs of Sipsik participating in the work of the developmental co-operation project have been sent to the children of Pärnu and will be uploaded to their website along with other travel photos of Sipsik.


Collaborative project funded by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Aid funds.