XVI Local Governments’ Forum

On the 1 st of December 2016, the foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre in cooperation with Tallinn City Office organized the XVI Local Governments’ Forum on the subject “Administrative reform and public transportation” at the museum Kiek in de Kök. 67 specialist of public transportation, specialist and officials from local governments’ from all over Estonia took part in the Local Government´s Forum. Presentations on links between administrative reform and public transportation as well as future prospects were given by the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Mr Taavi Aas, who performs temporarily the duties of the Mayor of Tallinn, Director of the Bureau of Association of Estonian Cities Mr Jüri Võigemast, Kirke Williamson and Mika Männik from the Estonian Road Administration and Dago Antov from Tallinn University of Technology. Also international experts Henri Briche from Dunkerque (France), Paolo Vergnano from Rovereto/Trentino (Italy) and Wojciech Keblowski from Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) shared their experiences and views on the same topics. As always, an active panel discussion took place between the main speakers of the forum. The speakers also answered questions asked by participants of the forum. All of the participants of the Local Government´s Forum had the opportunity to take a look at the exhibitions of the museums Kiek in de Kök and Neitsitorn.