International fair “Open Day” in Brussels

The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized the representation of the City of Tallinn and of Estonia in Brussels on 28.06.2016 at the international fair “Open Day” held at the European Committee of the Regions. In the information stand of the City of Tallinn and Estonia, the representatives of TDTC presented to the citizens of Brussels, city guests, members and employees of the European Parliament and other representatives of different regions (35) the best experiences of the City of Tallinn. That included free public transportation, e-services and e-governance, developments and trends in tourism and cultural events and activities. In addition, the guests of the information stand were offered products of small but well-known and loved Estonian producers: Konju Mõisa Talu goat cheeses, Luke Farmimeierei Breti brie cheese selection, Veinimõisnik OÜ apple wines, Tori Jõesuu Siidri- ja Veinitalu half dry cider, Jaanihanso OÜ dry cider, chocolate candy from Kalev candy factory and City of Tallinn representative caramel candy “Tallinn”. Once again, the information stand of the City of Tallinn and Estonia with the information of the accomplishments as well as products from small producers’ of Estonia turned out to be unexpectedly popular in Brussels.

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