Developmental project “Establishing tourist information centres in Uganda and building their capacities on the example of Tallinn”

The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre (TDTC) organized a visit for five experts from Tallinn to Uganda during the course of the developmental project “Establishing tourist information centres in Uganda and building their capacities on the example of Tallinn” from 26.10 – 02.11.2014. The study visit was in accordance with the approved action plan of the developmental co-operation project and was attended by the following experts: Tallinn City Secretary Toomas Sepp, advisor of the Civil Service College in Uganda Ülle Purga, Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau´s Marketing Manager Daily Lehtmets, tourism expert Varri Väli and member of the board of TDTC Kalle Sepp.

During the course of the Ugandan developmental co-operation project that was launched in 2013, this was the third time that tourism experts from Tallinn visited Uganda. In accordance with the action plan, they opened on the example and under the leadership of Tallinn two tourism information centres (TICs) – one in the city of Jinja and the other in the city of Entebbe. Both of the openings were attended by the State Minister of Public Services, a representative of the Ugandan Tourism Office, regional representatives of the Ugandan president, the mayors of the cities of Jinja and Entebbe together with the representatives of Tallinn. In the speech made at the festive opening ceremony, the Mayor of Jinja Mohammed Baswar highlighted that although the city of Jinja has a variety of collaborative projects with several other European countries and cities, the co-operation with experts from Tallinn has been remarkably quick and effective. The Mayor of Entebbe Vincent de Paul Kayanja brought this co-operation project as an example to other Ugandan local governments for developing the field and services of the tourism sector.

During the visit, Tallinn delegation participated also in variety of meetings and discussions concerning the future activities of the project. The delegation met with the State Minister of Public Services, high officials of the state and representatives of the Ugandan Tourism Office to discuss future plans and activities for the extended co-operation program. At a meeting with the director of the Uganda Tourist Board (UTB) and the director of the Nature and Environment Office (UWA/Uganda Wildlife Authority) the participants addressed the topics of developing and marketing of tourism services. While visiting Jinja´s Hotel and Tourism Training Institute, Tallinn delegation participated in a meeting with the board of the school, discussing the different internship possibilities for the student of the school in the newly opened tourism information centres. Tallinn City Secretary promised to put out two monetary awards for students of the school at a competition for developing tourism packages and TICs. The City Clerk of Jinja also gave the same promise. The exact requirements for the competition will be specified by the time of the next visit that will take place in February 2015. An interesting meeting was held with the Mayor of Mukono Johnson Muyanja, who is also the president of the Ugandan Association of Cities, where the two parties discussion and looked for possible future co-operations and crossover points between local governments and local government organizations. At a meeting held with the high official of the cities of Jinja and Entebbe, Tallinn delegation´s February visit with its activities at the newly opened TICs and reconstruction and upgrading of the TICs homepages were discussed.

The team of experts from Tallinn visited the building and participated in a board meeting of the Civil Service College Uganda (CSCU), which will be opened in November, where they made their suggestions for study programs and developing of potential services offered.

Tallinn delegations next visit to Uganda will take place in February 2015, where according to the newly extended developmental co-operation program they will consult the workers of TICs in Jinja and Entebbe, attend meetings with local tourism developers and operators, consult the staff of TICs and local tourism entrepreneurs in developing and working out tourism packages, meet with the board of the Tourism Institute and the official of the Ugandan Ministry of Public Services on developing and improving the accessibility of public services to the citizens and of course meet with the high official of Jinja and Entebbe.

PHOTOS, materials and an additional article of the visit can be found HEREHERE and HERE.

Collaborative project funded by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Aid funds.