CIVITAS Mimosa Study Tour transportation seminar in Tallinn

The foundation Tallinn Development and Training Centre organized CIVITAS Mimosa Study Tour transportation seminar in Tallinn from 25.05-23.05.2014. Over 30 transportation specialists from all over Europe attended the seminar. Also the delegation of Tbilisi including the Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi and heads of transportation attended the seminar and met with the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Taavi Aas, to whom they expressed their admiration for the successful and smooth activation of free public transportation in Tallinn, wishing to use the experiences of Tallinn also in Tbilisi. The seminar’s participants were introduced to the experiences, ticketing system, promotion and popularization of free public transportation system in Tallinn. In addition, the acquisition, personalization, validation and verification of the card were introduced to the specialists of other countries. The participants of the seminar were acquainted to the work and management of the City Transportation Incorporation. A tour of the Old Town of Tallinn and a visit to the café/museum Neitsitorn under the direction of Jüri Kuuskemaa was organized to the participants of the seminar.

You can find photos HERE.